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Logan’s Shadow has been released on PS2! Order a copy here. Read the GameZone review here. Read the BLOG post here.

Logan's ShadowHere’s a two-page preview of The Opposition Effect, the first Syphon Filter Digital Graphic Novel.  The story, written by John Garvin and Jeff Ross, takes place between Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow.


Retribution wins several awards, including  IGN 2009 PSP Best Story, Gametrailers PSP Game of the Year, and Top Five PSP Games of the Past Five Years!


We’re looking for extraordinary environment artists. If you love working on great games and want to live in beautiful Central Oregon, check out our Careers link for more information or drop us an email.

Cool Stuff

Resistance: RetributionThe Resistance: Retribution European trailer, Shattered Stone.

The Resistance: Retribution story trailer.

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